Sizing Gold & Platinum Rings

The method of sizing your ring is determined after carefully evaluating it. We size your ring up or down by welding or soldering precious metals into place as needed instead of stressing the setting or stones by hammering

Replacing & rebuilding ring shanks

We want your ring to be able to last you a lifetime. Cracked or worn ring shanks can hinder the appearance and effect the integrity of a ring. We offer replacing shanks or rebuilding old ones with new metal to bring your ring back to life.

Jewelry Clasps and latches

An old clasp can eventually break and you risk losing your favorite bracelet or necklace. At Diamonds, we can replace your old clasps with a brand new one or simply reinforce the current one with precious metal. A strong clasp is a sure way to keep you wearing your favorite necklace or bracelet for years to come.

Gemstone Setting and Replacement

Diamonds and gemstones can occasionally fall out of your jewelry from simple wear and tear. This is normally associated to wearing your jewelry often. We replace the stones and set them back into your mountings as well as retighten any other prongs that may be coming loose to avoid stones falling out in the future.

Laser Repair

With our state of the art laser machine, we can do delicate repairs that would normally cause damage when using a jeweler’s torch. Laser repairs are good when dealing with a repair that is located next to precious stones because it will not affect them. The laser machine allows for a plethora of tasks including prong re-tipping, ring resizing, repairing bezel settings, and reassembly of broken necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We can also repair costume jewelry, watch bands and eyeglass frames. It can also be utilized to fill porosity and creating custom designs.